Thursday, December 27, 2012

Time to Organize & Get Ready for the New Year

Hi everyone...the holidays are almost over and it's time for some resolutions...realistic ones. Mine are mostly about crafty things. I need to do a few

...get better organized. I have already started with this one. I rearranged one of my favorite desk-top storage pieces. This great little thing is actually from Pampered Chef and I love it!

I've actually rearranged it again since this picture was taken. :) I have all my paint brushes, markers (excluding Copics) and all sorts of other crafty goodness in it. Next I will be reorganizing all my stamps...and I will show those to you in an upcoming Youtube video. (It's going to take me several more days to get that done.)

While reorganizing them I am going to go through all my stamps (mostly my Close To My Heart ones) and sell all the ones I haven't been using very much. (Yep, that's another Youtube video coming up.) 

I am also going to go through all my inks and probably sell or give away the ones I don't use much.

As you may have figured out, I really want to go through all my crafty supplies and get rid of the things I am not using. I am sure I will find most of it a good home with some other crafty people. 

I also want to try some new things this art journaling, more jewelry making and hopefully some altered art items. I want to have fun with art again. Too much of what I did in 2012 was about what I felt I had to do as opposed to what I wanted to do. I enjoyed it but I need a change.

I also want to make an effort to get healthier this year...not only for myself but for my family. Most of all I want learn to be happy with what I have...great husband, wonderful kids...all in all a really good life. 

So...enough about me...what are your resolutions? Whatever they are...I wish you luck and a Happy New Year!

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