Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello all! I am back again! Yeah me…posting again! I am back to share a recent project with all of you. I have been crafting and creating for years but much of what I make I give away to friends and family. I decided I need to start creating some things to put up around my house. I was looking through my stash of goodies to alter when I came across some mini canvases. I decided to use some of them to create some magnets for my frig. I pulled them out and laid them down to figure out which layout worked best. 

Once I was happy with the layout of the canvases I laid out the stamps to determine where to place them.

I placed them face down because that is how I would be stamping them onto the canvases. Once that was done, I picked a stencil and began applying some molding paste to each of the canvases. Before doing that I laid the stencil down with the stamp on each canvas to determine where I wanted to apply the molding paste.

Then I moved the stamp and applied the molding paste. Once I had added that to all the canvases and let it dry, I applied lots of color. I sprayed, applied gelatos, sprayed again…added gesso…and so on…until I was happy with the background. Then I stamped the images using Archival Ink…and if I am truthful…added a bit more color and gesso. I also darkened the parts that were stenciled…then added some gesso. I kept "tweaking" it until I finally had to walk away. When I came back (the next day) I decided it needed some black sequins. Then I added some magnets to the back and called it done!

What do you think? Here are a couple of close ups…

I really happy with them and love seeing them on my frig every day! Have a great day!


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